Where is Rallywoods

Please check out our Contact Us page

What is Rallywoods used for?

4WD Driving, Camping, Horse Riding, Mountain and Quad biking, BBQ Parties, Team Events, Family days and Bush Walks.

Who can use Rallywoods

Groups, Teams, Clubs and Families

For safety reasons solo access is not permitted

How much does it cost to use Rallywoods?

Please check out our Pricing page

What time can I enter and need to exit by?

Day Trips - 10am entry to 10pm exit.

Over Night - you need to be in no later that 10pm and vacate by no later that 10am on the arranged days

Who owns Rallywoods

Jeff, Graeme, Hans, Paul and their partners

Where do you get the Gate Key?

Keys can be collected from Graeme (04 976-0178) or Paul (04 904-0687 Cell - 021-642-661)